Nowadays everybody's busy and that's why we order food, flowers, etc. Someone else takes care of it for you and it shows up on your doorstep so you don't have to worry about it anymore yourself. But what about your beloved pets? This service didn't exist yet and that's how Me Hungry was born. We will ensure your pet will receive great food and a diet with variety. No more supermarket junkfood! A healthy diet with quality products delivered on a monthly basis. Don't want to use the product anymore? No worries, you can cancel your subscription any time.

At Me Hungry we abide by the two Fs; food & fun. Besides food we also do gift boxes subscriptions and one-off purchases in case you don't have pets yourself but would like to purchase one for a friend. The gift box consists of multiple toys and a treat, all packaged in a nice themed box. A real treat!